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No matter what your taxes problems are or how long you have been dealing with them, we can fix them.

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We know how stressful tax problems are and why they are so difficult to resolve. Tax debt can be ignored, if only temporarily, but it doesn’t go away. And the longer you wait to deal with it, the more complicated it becomes.

The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world. They can garnish your wages, seize your house, and put liens on your assets and credit. They can even deny your passport.

No matter how old or complex your tax problems are, we can resolve them

We resolve both IRS and State tax debt:

  • Payment Plans
  • Offer in Compromise/Settlements
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Wage and Bank garnishments/levies
  • Tax liens
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Audits
  • Hardship/ Non-Collectible Status
  • Bankruptcy Review
  • Penalty Abatement

3 Steps to Tax Debt Relief


We file a power of attorney on your behalf, so that we can contact the IRS for you, identify your tax problems, and ensure you are protected from IRS garnishments or seizures.


We analysis your financial situation to determine and negotiate the best possible resolution to your tax debt.


We ensure you take the necessary steps to prevent future tax debt, so that you don’t have IRS problems in the future.

IRS Fresh Start Programs

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Offer In Compromise


Currently Not Collectible Status


Installment Agreement


Innocent Spouse Relief


Collection Statute Expiration Dates


Delinquent Payroll Taxes


Penalty Abatement


Wage Levy/ Garnishment Release


Tax Lien Release or Subordination


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What Our Clients Are Saying

I remember getting Jennifer’s letter in the mail. At that point in time I was so overwhelmed. The irs had notified us that they were placing a lien on us. As self-employed business owners, a lien made doing business almost an impossibility…”


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“Before calling Jennifer at rocky mountain tax solutions I felt like I was drowning. The letters from the irs seemed to come almost daily and I was doing all I could to just keep up on back payments let alone pay my current taxes…”


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Jennifer at rocky mountain tax solutions helped me settle over $100,000 in back taxes I owed for $1! She helped me through the process with making a plan together and dealing with both my state and federal taxes…


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