Success Stories


Wyoming couple saves farm and $107,203 with Offer in Compromise.

I remember getting Jennifer’s letter in the mail. At that point in time I was so overwhelmed. The irs had notified us that they were placing a lien on us. As self-employed business owners, a lien made doing business almost an impossibility. We then began receiving calls from tax settlement attorneys and companies that were almost as intimidating as the irs itself. Their method of instilling fear in order to get business was not something that I respected. Then one day I received a letter from Jennifer with rocky mountain tax solutions, and everything changed. The letter and even the envelope it came in was different, it was kind and offered hope and understanding. I knew that I had found someone that sincerely cared and wanted to leave us our dignity through the entire process. It doesn’t really matter why you find yourself in this precarious situation. Usually people who are trying to be responsible and hardworking just can’t meet all of the financial demands in life today. Jennifer never pointed a finger or offered even one second of hopelessness. From the first phone call on she answered all of my questions (sometimes many times over) and clearly and precisely described what she needed from me and what our options were. Her level of understanding the IRS laws and process is in depth. Working with the IRS is never fast and Jennifer was my constant strength during the months of paperwork and waiting. The day that she called me to say that we had reached a settlement I think she was as pleased as I was. She was able to negotiate a really good settlement for us. After we reached the settlement Jennifer continued to work with the IRS to get the proper releases and paperwork and also has helped me to get on the right track in paying my quarterly payments on time and filing tax returns so that we can have a clear figure as to what our estimated payments should be. Her commitment and patience in answering my questions and working with me so that I never get in this situation again has been invaluable. I thank god that I received her letter and called her!

J. Lake, Wyoming

Single dad saves $66,520 with Offer in Compromise.

Before calling Jennifer at rocky mountain tax solutions I felt like I was drowning. The letters from the irs seemed to come almost daily and I was doing all I could to just keep up on back payments let alone pay my current taxes. I found myself under so much strain and stress due to my tax issues it had begun to affect many aspects of my life. I was beginning to think that I would never get free of the burden. From my very initial meeting with jennifer I began to feel like there was some hope. She handled everything. I never once had to worry that issues weren’t being addressed. Jennifer was in contact with myself as well as the irs on my behalf on a regular basis from beginning to end. An issue that I thought would burden me indefinitely has been resolved within a year. I would recommend rocky mountain tax solutions to anyone who is struggling with back taxes.

D. Christensen, Utah

Taxpayer settles past due tax debt for $1!

Jennifer at rocky mountain tax solutions helped me settle over $100,000 in back taxes I owed for $1!!!! She helped me through the process with making a plan together and dealing with both my state and federal taxes. After 20 years, I finally have the I.R.S. Monkey off my back and I can move on with my life, stop stressing, buy a house and repair my credit. This is a huge sigh of relief and I can’t thank Jennifer Widdison enough.

W. Hall, Utah

Retiree resolves $61,171 in old tax debt for $1!

Have nothing but great appreciation for the assistance that was given to me by rocky mountain tax solution and Jennifer Widdison. I was treated with dignity and respect and was always informed on the progress. I always felt very welcomed whenever I needed to visit the office. If ever I had a question or concern and I had to leave a message with Jennifer she was always very prompt in responding. Very highly recommended. They saved me from a lot of mental and financial anguish. Thank you so much RMTS and especially Jennifer Widdison.

D. Manchego, Utah

Single mom and business owner relieved of $12,004 in past due taxes!

Jennifer is wonderful to work with. She has handled both my personal and business tax needs for over a year now. I appreciate how very patient she is. Jennifer has always gone the extra mile when it comes to individualizing each need to maximize my end results.
I recommend Jennifer Widdison for all your tax services.

E. Smith, Utah

Business owner gets a fresh start by getting rid of $32,591 in past due taxes for $1,955!

Being self-employed, our client had fallen behind on his estimated tax payments. Over a ten year period, he has racked up over $30,000 in past due taxes, penalties and interest. In order to remedy his situation, he needed to start paying his current estimated payments. But he also needed to deal with his past due taxes. A payment plan wold have been at least $450 per month. By filing for an offer in compromise, he was able to wipe out the past due amount for under $2,000. Now he can focus on paying his current taxes only.