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Rocky Mountain Tax Solutions

Rocky Mountain Tax Solutions is a tax resolution company based in Ogden, Utah. We were established in 2015 and assist taxpayers both locally and nationwide. We strive to offer the best tax representation available by providing excellent communication with our clients and making our services affordable. Our extensive knowledge and experience of tax law and IRS procedures enable us to solve any tax problem our clients have. Our main goal is to relieve you of the stress of tax problems and reduce your tax debt as much as possible. All of our clients work directly with our licensed representative, Jennifer Widdison.

Jennifer Widdison

Enrolled Agent

Hi, my name is Jennifer Widdison. I am an Enrolled Agent with Rocky Mountain Tax Solutions. Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS and, along with attorneys and CPA’s, are the only professionals allowed to represent taxpayers before the IRS. I have dedicated my career as an enrolled agent to helping people who are dealing with one of the most stressful financial situations one can face: Owing money to the IRS!

After graduating from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English, I pursued a career in the legal field. I started as a legal assistant at a tax law firm. I then became an Enrolled Agent, so I could represent people before the IRS. After working for both local and national tax companies, I realized how difficult it is for struggling taxpayers to find competent, reliable, and affordable tax help. I decided to open my own firm to give my clients honest and knowledgeable representation with exceptional customer service.

I work one on one with each of my clients to develop the best solutions to their tax problems and relieve them completely of their tax debt stress. I only take on clients whom I can really help. If I can’t help you or save you money, I am happy to answer your questions and lead you down the best path to resolving your tax debt problems on your own.

Jennifer Widdison

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